Precision Medicine in Practice

An all-day hands-on workshop to learn how to implement precision medicine into clinical practice, held in conjunction with the Scripps Future of Individualized Medicine conference | Created by Jeanette McCarthy, PhD


This is not your typical conference where you hear a series of talks about the latest research in genomics. Instead, this unique event offers a hands-on interactive workshop, taught by experts in the field, with the specific goal of helping health care providers navigate the increasingly complex genetic testing space.

It is intended for providers with little to no experience with genetic testing, who want to feel confident offering clinically valid precision medicine to their patients. We’ll cover pharmacogenomics and diagnostic/predisposition testing for hereditary cancers and cardiovascular diseases with a curriculum that includes didactic sessions, group exercises and clinical cases. 

In addition, we’ll review popular genetic tests and test providers, online tools and databases, and offer resources for learning about the genetic basis of diseases. Optional pharmacogenomic testing gives attendees a first-hand experience with genetic testing. 

You’ll walk away with the confidence to begin offering precision medicine in your clinical practice. 

IMPORTANT: Please bring a laptop to explore websites and resources and complete interactive group exercises 

Date and time
March 16th, 2019
8:00 am – 5:30 pm 
Grande Colonial Hotel
910 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037

What you get  

•Expertly curated, unbiased content

•Enduring course materials 

•Certificate of completion 

•A community of like-minded professionals on the cutting edge of medicine 

•Optional pharmacogenomic testing (for educational purposes only).

Important deadlines  

March 1st,2019 -  Deadline to register with optional pharmacogenomic testing to have results available in time for the workshop 

Optional pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing   

For participants in our workshop, the pharmacogenomic testing company OneOme is offering their RightMed comprehensive PGx test for educational purposes at a significant discount (normally $350.00). There’s no better way to understand pharmacogenomics than to undergoing testing yourself!

The RightMed comprehensive test covers hundreds of commonly prescribed medications, including omeprazole (Prilosec), simvastatin (Zocor), citalopram (Celexa), clopidogrel (Plavix), warfarin (Coumadin), codeine, morphine, alprazolam (Xanax), phenytoin (Dilantin), metoprolol (Lopressor), plus many more. A link to the sample test report can be found below. 

Participants who register for the workshop and order testing by March 1 will have an option to have their results included in an aggregate analysis that will be shared at the conference. 

To learn more about the OneOme RightMed test: 

Visit their website    

Sample test report 

Workshop cost 

Take advantage of our early bird pricing now through Feb 20th, 2019

Registration with optional pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing 

  • $650.00  

General registration  

  • $600.00  

Workshop Sponsors

Workshop content

Human Genomics

A primer on DNA, genes and genetic variation in the human genome, laying the foundation for understanding genomics in medicine. 

Genes, heredity and disease 

Learn about the genetic basis of Mendelian and complex diseases. 

Risk, regulation and ethics of genetic testing 

Provides a framework for evaluating genetic tests and explores the potential benefits and risks of knowing your genomic information. 

Genetic testing for hereditary cancers and cardiovascular diseases 

Learn about genetic testing for diagnosing or predicting inherited diseases for which there is a reliable test, and effective intervention or treatment. Includes: how to know if a disease is genetic, managing your patient, interpreting results, communicating results to patients. 

Pharmacogenomics in practice 

Learn about the clinical application of genetic testing to optimize drug dose or reduce side effects and improve efficacy of prescription medications. Includes option to get one’s own pharmacogenomic profile done.  

Workshop agenda   

8:00 am  Check in  
8:30 am Welcome + breakfast 
8:40 am  A primer on human genomics  
9:15 am Genes, heredity and disease  
10:40 am  Networking + coffee break (20 mins)  
11:00 am Risks, regulations and ethics of genetic testing  
11:45 am Genetic testing for clinically actionable hereditary cancers 
12:45 pm Lunch (1hr) 
1:45 pm Genetic testing for clinically actionable hereditary cardiovascular diseases
2:15 pm Panel - implementing testing for hereditary diseases 
3:15 pm Networking + coffee break (15 mins) 
3:30 pm Pharmacogenomics in practice 
4:30 pm Pharmacogenomics in clinical cases 
5:30 pmProgram close

Scripps Future of Individualized Medicine Conference- 2019

Come and hear renowned leaders from academia, industry, and science and medical journalism speak on the most recent innovations and trends in precision medicine. 


The Scripps Research Translational Institute's Future of Individualized Medicine Conference (formerly the Future of Genomic Medicine), now in its 12th year, is the premiere precision medicine conference. The conference will be held in La Jolla for two days (March 14-15) preceding our workshop. For more information visit their website:


Sponsorship Opportunties

Want to become a sponsor for our workshop and/or the FOIM conference? With this opportunity you will have the chance to showcase your company’s products and services to a targeted healthcare population. Here are just a few benefits exhibiting offers:

• Interact face-to-face with influential decision-makers.  

• Build visibility for your company in a competitive marketplace.  

• Strengthen existing customer relationships.  

Read more about our sponsorship opportunities here 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and would like to discuss this opportunity in more depth, please contact:   

Shervin Kamkar, VP of Business Development  

Email  :


Do I need to register for the Future of Individualized Medicine (FOIM) conference to get access to the workshop?

No, you can register for the PMP workshop regardless of whether you’re attending the FOIM conference or not. However, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of FOIM, the premiere precision medicine conference in the country. If you are interested in attending the FOIM conference,  register here .   

I don't know any genetics. Will this workshop be over my head?

No. Our workshops are geared toward health care professionals with little to no background in genetics. We will provide a brief primer on genetics/genomics at the beginning of the workshop which will give you all the background you need.  

Is this workshop only for physicians?  

Registration is not limited to physicians, but the workshop materials are aimed at physicians and other health care providers interested in integrating genetic testing into their practice. 

What is the cancellation policy for this event?  

After purchasing if you are unable to attend for any reason, you will be issued a full refund if you cancel before March 1st, 2019.  

Want to learn more about precision medicine?   

If you are interested in learning more, check out our website where you can find links to our online courses, workshops, blog posts and resources for implementing precision medicine in clinical practice.  

If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us:   



Jeanette McCarthy, PhD
Jeanette McCarthy, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor, Duke University|Founder, Precision Medicine Advisors

Jeanette McCarthy is a genome scientist and leading educator in the field of precision medicine. She spent the early part of her career in industry at Millennium Pharmaceuticals before transitioning to academia. She currently holds adjunct faculty positions at Duke University and UCSF and teaches Genomic and Precision Medicine in the UC system and online. In 2014 she helped launch the first consumer-facing magazine in this field, Genome, where she served as editor-in-chief. She has been designing and delivering custom workshops and courses to international audiences of health care providers, consumers and stakeholders for years and co-authored Precision Medicine: A Guide to Genomics in Clinical Practice. (2016, McGraw Hill Education).